Saturday, August 11, 2012

Are You A Believer?

It’s okay to let those you lead outshine you, for if they shine brightly enough, they reflect positively on you. – Billy Hornsby

Last year MarketTools, Inc. conducted a survey on employee satisfaction. The results revealed that most employees may not feel appreciated. Nearly 50 percent of employees surveyed have considered leaving their jobs. And 21 percent have applied for another job in the past six months.

According to the study, salary was by far the leading cause of employee dissatisfaction, cited by 47 percent of study participants. Other leading causes of dissatisfaction cited included workload, lack of opportunities for advancement, and the employee’s manager or supervisor.  The study also found that 72 percent of surveyed employee’s companies do not have a formal program to regularly solicit feedback, or the study participants weren’t aware of such a program. 

Exercising due diligence in hiring the best and brightest by companies is smart. But it is equally important that the same considerations be given to doing the right things that will keep them there. While there may be some dissatisfaction among the ranks over certain issues, the real difference maker is leadership. A strong leader sets the tone for the climate of the organization. When a leader believes in his people it can change that culture in a positive way. Here are four ways a leader can do it and why it matters. 

Leaders are believers in the vision. One survey I read recently said that as many as 40 percent of employees do not know or understand their company’s mission. That is a disturbing percentage and it goes directly to the heart of leadership and why without it you are at a distinct disadvantage. If your vision is not known internally then it will be of no value to anyone externally. If your team is clueless then so are ynur customers.

When leaders believe in the vision of their organization and communicate it on a regular basis it gives your team the fuel they need to succeed. Sharing the vision of your organization is a necessary ingredient in establishing the right climate and is a minimizer of unnecessary negativity. Leaders not only believe in the vision of where they are going but willingly share it.

Leaders are believers in his people. The most appreciable asset you have as leader is your people. It’s a simple rule of leadership – loyalty to the leader always precedes loyalty to the vision. When you honor, respect, and empower your people you will have little worries about their loyalty to you.

Building your business or organization takes hard work and commitment. While it is important that your people buy-in to your vision it is equally important that as the leader you buy-in to them. Believe in your people and they will believe in you. Never miss an opportunity to express your confidence and to encourage your people. Where would you be without them?

Leaders are believers in your purpose. Similar in nature to vision; believing in your purpose goes deeper. In general, vision revolves around a shared set of goals and objectives for the organization. On the other hand, purpose has more to do with the dreams and aspirations of the people.

As a leader when you believe in the individual goals of each team member- goals that may transcend those of the company, you are exercising a high standard of leadership that few attain. The mark of leadership at this level signals your unselfish commitment to the purpose of investing long term in the life of others. Believing in the purpose of your people is the beginning of fulfilling your destiny.

Leaders are believers in destiny. The formula of V (vision) + P (people) + P (purpose) = D: destiny can be a game changer for your organization. As a leader you face many challenges as well as opportunities. Achieving your destiny is not by accident or happenstance. It is a combination of all parts of the formula working in harmony to see it come to pass.

I believe you can achieve your destiny. I believe when you apply this formula with your faith that your destiny is within reach. Your destiny awaits you. Are you a believer?

© 2012 Doug Dickerson

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